FAQ l How to Get Started Training MMA

Mat Chess MMA is a great place to start your Martial Arts Journey!  Here are a few common questions about how to get started training MMA!  Feel free to call/text/email if you have any questions!  Contact Us.

  What should I wear? Any clothes that are comfortable working out in are great. What equipment do I need to train?
Boxing Muay Thai Wrestling Jiu Jitsu ((gi) Jiu Jitsu (no gi)
1.  Athletic clothes 2.  Boxing gloves 3.  Boxing hand wraps 4.  Mouth Piece   1.  Athletic clothes 2.  Boxing gloves 3.  Boxing hand wraps 4.  Mouth piece 5.  Shin guards 6.  Groin protection 1.  Athletic clothes 2.  Wrestling shoes optional 1.  Jiu Jitsu Kimono 2.  Mouthpiece (optional) 3.  Groin protection (optional) 1.  Athletic clothes 2.  Mouthpiece (optional) 3.  Groin protection (optional)
I don’t have any experience?  Is that OK? Absolutely!  Most of our students are new to the Martial Arts.  A future Black Belt starts somewhere! I am a bit out of shape…should I improve my conditioning before starting Martial Arts? The best way to train for Martial Arts is to train Martial Arts!  We always encourage students to work at their own level of physical fitness. I am interested in competing.  What should I do? We have had many students compete at Mat Chess MMA.  If you are interested in competing you will need to demonstrate a level of technical skill, physical fitness and dedication to be able to compete successfully.  Mat Chess MMA regularly works with its competition team to help its students reach their competition goals. Should I try one of the Martial Arts classes that you offer at a time or should I take many of them simultaneously? One of the great benefits of joining Mat Chess MMA is that you will have access to training many martial arts.  Some students will choose to specialize in one art.  Others will pick and choose from a variety of arts to become well rounded.  Whichever your goal, Mat Chess MMA has a schedule to achieve your goals. Do women train at Mat Chess MMA?  Absolutely!  Mat Chess MMA is a great, safe, and friendly learning environment for both, male and female students.  We have a great cohort of women at Mat Chess MMA training in each of the Martial Arts with goals ranging from wanting to get in shape to competing on a world level. How do I start my Martial Arts journey? Simple!  Come on in to the gym and take a free trial class of a Martial Art that interests you.  Check out our schedule here. Can I try out a class before I decide to sign up? Absolutely!  We love it when people come on by to check us out and we offer a free trial class to everyone who stops in.  Come see how we train and what we are all about! What does a typical class look like? Dynamic Warm-Up (~10 minutes) This is where students use movements from the martial art they will be studying to warm up their bodies and prevent injury.  By using actual movements students will warm up the parts of their bodies that they will use doing the martial art and will help to enforce the taught technique. Sports Specific Conditioning (~20 minutes) Students will do exercises with the specific intent of conditioning the body for the martial art.  Boxing students may jump rope for added spring on their jab, Jiu Jitsu students might do planks to increase their rigidity and balance when on top, etc. Technique (15 minutes) During this phase of training students will be taught techniques to improve their martial art skill.  Techniques are usually taught from a strategy or position and are based upon the weaknesses of the class.  Often a week at the gym has a technical theme such as “Side Control Attacks” for Jiu Jitsu or “Jab Counters” in boxing. Drilling (15 minutes) Students will be given time to drill the techniques taught for memorization sensitivity and timing.  Drilling will vary from light movement to increasing resistance depending on the purpose of the lesson. Sparring (30 minutes) Here students will try and apply the skills that they have learned in the Technique and Drilling phases in a live training.