Monta Blog – Monta Wiley is a very thoughtful Jiu Jitsu and MMA journalist who shares his work on his Blog. Sage Family Dentistry – Sage Family Dentistry has worked with Mat Chess MMA to provide excellent mouth guards for Martial Arts. Sam Sage is a dentist who trains Martial Arts himself and understands the rigors of the sport. Brian Oh Photography – Brian Oh Photography created the photographs for the Mat Chess MMA website. Brian’s approach to photography allowed for the spirit of the gym to shine through in his work. Dapper Media – Dapper media created the video introduction to Mat Chess MMA. Drew Hisey ensured that the final product was an excellent representation of Mat Chess MMA. Steve Andrews Advertisement – Steve Andrews Advertisement is a marketing firm that specializes in forming art direction, creative direction and music composition for its clients. Steve is a highly creative person both on and off the mat!