Martial Arts Ethos

Mat Chess MMA maintains a friendly learning environment with a focus on both maximizing the martial artists’ performance and helping them to achieve their potential.

  Everyone is a teacher. Never train with your ego. No MMA gym politics. Everyone is welcome. No drama. Cleanliness is important. Shower immediately after training. Trim your nails. Respect the mats. No street shoes, jump ropes or weightlifting equipment on the mats. Tap early and tap often…you get better by training not by being injured. Respect the tap. Tapping is the only reason why we are able to train martial arts. Tapping is not a sign of weakness but rather a demonstration of a desire to improve. Train at the same pace as your training partner. Tell your partner about any injuries that you might have. Slap hands/touch gloves before training. Deciding to compete is an individual decision. Mat Chess MMA is a team and a family.