Why Choose Mat Chess MMA?

1. Experts teach class

Many Mixed Martial Arts schools have their students teach classes. At Mat Chess MMA all instructors are experts in their respective disciplines. You will never have a class taught by a hobbyist at Mat Chess. Because no one person can be an expert in all aspects of a game as complex as MMA, Mat Chess has three unique and highly qualified instructors.  

2. Mat Chess MMA creates well rounded martial artists

Students are taught techniques from striking to clinch to wrestling to ground work. Mat Chess also focuses on conditioning and has functional strength training equipment and accompanying martial arts conditioning programs that focus on martial arts specific movements as well as periodization. Additionally, Mat Chess also supports its students in mental preparation for competitions.  

3. Safe for everyone

Mat Chess MMA is designed for martial artists of all ages and athletic abilities. Our oldest student is currently 57. Our curriculum is adapted to meet the goals of all students, from those who are interested in getting into shape to those who are interested in fighting professionally. The ethos of the gym is designed to create a safe environment. Click here for Mat Chess MMA Ethos.  

4. Uploaded video classes

watch the video → click It is not possible to make it to every single practice. So that you can stay caught up on all of the newest techniques, Mat Chess has its own private YouTube channel where videos of the techniques taught each day are uploaded for students to review.  

5. Technical and innovative

Mat Chess MMA’s instructors and students are encouraged to develop their own technique. Instructors are given free rein over their curriculum, and the training strategies and techniques are never dogmatic. This environment allows innovation that can be seen and felt on the mat.  

6. More open mat

mat-space_5 Rolling, wrestling, and sparring are where the student can test his or her techniques. Many gyms do not provide enough time and space for students to apply what they learn. At Mat Chess MMA we provide 2 hours of open mat per day and three hours on the weekend. The mat is your laboratory! Experiment!


7. Longer classes so that techniques stick

Classes at Mat Chess are one hour and a half. Classes at most other gyms are only one hour. The idea behind the extra half an hour is to provide students with the time to practice their learned technique to the extent that they can actually apply the technique in a competition setting. A technique that is taught is worthless without the time for the student to learn the technique. The extra half an hour also allows for time to roll, spar, and wrestle during scheduled class time.


8. No politics

no politics Everyone is welcome at Mat Chess regardless of whom you train with or what your martial arts background might be. We are all on the same quest to reach our potential and become the best martial artists that we can be.