Mat Chess MMA Shawn at UGF

Mat Chess MMA Shawn at UGF Mat Chess MMA's Shawn Weisenberg wins UGF Blue Belt division without a point scored on him and finishes his opponent with a tight armbar!  

Mat Chess MMA Bruce at UGF

Bruce RNC Check out Mat Chess MMA's own radiologist and UGF absolute no-gi champion Bruce's match! Great back control!  

 Mat Chess MMA Sen Ha at NAGA

Sen Ha at NAGA Mat Chess MMA's Sen Ha won an Elite division at NAGA Seattle on 5.18.2013 after just two years of training. Come in for a free trial class and experience the training methods that helped lead to this great accomplishment. Well done Sen!  

Mat Chess MMA Shawn at the Revolution March 2013

shawn tourny Here is Shawn showing a great blend of wrestling and jiu jitsu control, on his way to a submission victory and 2nd place in the Revolution Advanced bracket!  

Mat Chess MMA Anh at the Revolution in March 2013

anh SC Anh uses excellent control and a tight passing game to her arm bar victory in the finals!  

Mat Chess MMA John Kah at the Revolution in March

79__320x240_john-tourny John Kah uses his excellent positioning to set up his submission attempts and while he is unable to finish via submission he maintains his position throughout and wins the match and eventually the advanced heavyweight division!  

Mat Chess MMA Roger Chao at the Revolution on July 13th 2013

83__320x240_roger-tournament Roger Chao makes a successful blue belt debut! Roger does a great job imposing his game and style from the beginning of the match to the end.  

Mat Chess MMA Andy Innes at the Revolution

match 1 match 2